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Peter Gzowski, by R.B. Fleming

Peter GzowskiPeter Gzowski, journalist and broadcaster, best known for his CBC radio shows This Country in the Morning and Morningside was a fixture for many Canadian households. "He was among an elite (group) of radio hosts who could engage all these listeners, and keep them interested. He could interview intelligently, he could interview in a funny way, he could go from a light interview to a serious interview. He had enormous talent," the author observed.

Behind the public persona, Fleming revealed much about the humanity and personal struggles of "Captain Canada," unearthing many details that were not public knowledge. While Gzowski dealt with alcoholism and depression, he became an important figure in a developing Canadian nationalism, claiming, as he would say, that Canada was not a bad place to live.

A must read for the many listeners who fondly remember Morningside.

Available at City of Kawartha Lakes Public Library.